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  • Cornell University: The Ultimate Guide to Getting into College

    If you want to attend a prestigious Ivy League school, Cornell University is the place to be. Ranked number one in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2018 Best Colleges rankings, Cornell offers a world-class education with a small-town feel. With a rigorous admissions process and many benefits for students, including a strong community identity, […]

  • “Reclaim your home with a beautiful and restored skylight!”

    Are you looking for a way to add some visual flair to your home? restored skylights are a great way to do just that! Not only do they add a touch of class, but they also can help you save on energy bills. So if you’re considering a renovation, consider adding a beautiful skylight to […]

  • Stop Wasting Time on Unnecessary Newsletters

    Some people think that newsletters are a waste of time, but that’s not always the case. If you’re able to get your customers to subscribe to your newsletter, you can keep them up-to-date on the latest news and events at your business. Why newsletters are an effective way to communicate with customers Newsletters can be […]

  • The Most Important Ceremony of Your Life: Renew Your Vow

    Renewing your vows is one of the most important ceremonies in your life. Not only will it improve your emotional and physical health, but it can also lead to happiness and fulfillment. Keep reading to learn more about why this is such a significant event. The Most Important Ceremony of Your Life: Renew Your Vow […]

  • 7 Simple Tips for Making Cornell a More Awesome Community

    If you’re looking for a top-tier university with great academics and lively social scenes, look no further than Cornell University. This highly reputable institution has released seven simple tips to make Cornell even more awesome. From creating a positive community atmosphere to making campus more user-friendly, these tips will help you maximize the experience at […]

  • Fun Things to Do in the Capitol When the Heat Goes Down

    Looking for something to do when the weather cools down? Why not check out some of the fun things to do in the Capitol? From enjoying a good book in the Library of Congress to strolling through the gardens, there’s plenty to do when the heat kicks in. How to enjoy a good book in […]

  • Capitol Drama: How the Battle Over the Design Played Out

    The Capitol underwent a drastic redesign this week, with some lawmakers arguing that the changes are too drastic. The final design, which was released this week, shows major changes to the exterior of the Capitol building. The proposed changes have sparked controversy, with some lawmakers arguing that the redesign is too drastic. The Capitol drama: […]

  • 20 Alumni Who Are Changing Business

    If you’re looking for some inspiration to follow your own path in business, you don’t need to look any further than these 20 alumni of some of the country’s most prestigious business schools. Whether they’re starting their own businesses from scratch or leading multimillion-dollar corporations, these veterans of the industry are changing the way we […]

  • How to Join the CALS Alumni Association and Start Making a Difference

    Joining the CALS Alumni Association is a great way to make a difference and connect with fellow alumni. This organization offers a variety of opportunities to get involved and contribute to causes that matter to you. By joining, you’ll be able to join forces with other alumni to create change. Joining the CALS Alumni Association […]

  • The One Thing You Can Do to Maximize Your Committee’s Effectiveness

    As a committee member, you know that the more effective your work is, the more effectively you can represent your constituents. Here are some simple tips to help make your committee work even better. Conduct an Overview Session When conducting an overview session, it is important to keep in mind the goals of your committee. […]

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